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Sensei Ratledge
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Sensei Ratledge  has over 30 years in the martial arts and many styles under his belt. He teaches from the heart.  Sensei  makes sure that every student understands what he is teaching  Sensei's goal  is that every student can defend their self  by using what he teaches even after one class. From the first time you talk to sensei  you can tell that the things he teaches , Honor , Respect and Discipline are what he lives by. In Oct 2012 Sensei was awarded Oku Sandan inder  Shogun Int. and he take this Title with great honor and is very proud of it . Under his teacher Renshi Greg Brown he works very hard to make sure that  Renshi Browns teachings are pasted on for years to come .
   Sensei Ratledge has two children that he is very proud of both who teach under him . Jannett Ratledge  and William Ratledge Jr.