About us
Sensei Ratledge
Sensei Wood
Fudoshin Org.

I opened the doors to the first dojo in 2009 to pass on the teachings of my Sensei.  Honor, Respect, Wisdom, Courage and Discipline were the words that filled the walls of that dojo and it's what I still teach.  Martial arts is a way of life for me.  There is always something to learn and no end to were it can take you.  Now we are in a bigger place and we still teach the same five things.  At that time having learned 4 styles and shodan (black belt) in all four Self-Defense was my main goal so I used all I had learned and was teaching an in your face real life self-defense.

Now 2012 and two more styles under my belt and learning four more from my new Master, Renshi Gregg Brown (http://shogunmartialartscenter.com).  We joined Shogun in March 2012 . We are a great match and our teaching martial arts that is True, Tried and Tested on the streets!

Myself along with Sensei John Wood teach every class so that we know the students are getting all that they can.